21st February The International Mother Language Day, What Should We Do in this day?

21st February The International Mother Language Day. The 21st February is the international mother language day which is observed whole world. The day is historically related to Bangladesh’s national language.

21st February The International Mother Language Day

Once the Indian subcontinent belonged to the British rule in 1947 and the subcontinent separated into Pakistan and India. Pakistan had two parts. One part was the East Pakistan and the second part was the West Pakistan. But the people of the east Pakistan were oppressed by the government by west Pakistan even they wanted to snatch away the mother tongue from the people of East Pakistan.

What had happened in this day?

According to the speech of Moammad ALi Zinnah in the Rescourch moidan ‘ Urdu, and only Urdu will be the state language of Pakistan’ our Benglees protested against this claim strongly. All the students of Dhaka University brought out a procession violating 144 imposed by the government. In 1952, the day 21st February students go to the main street to hail for the Bangla Language but the police fired them openly and many of them was died like Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar etc sacrificed their lives for the sake of their mother tongue. After that the day is observed with most respect to the martyred heroic sons of our country.

21st February The International Mother Language Day, What Should We Do in this day?

The 21st February is recognized International Mother Language Day

UNESCO Declared that 21st February the International Mother Language Day and it is really big achievement for Bangladesh. All over the country the day is celebrated as International Mother Language Day and the day is a public holiday all over the world.

What should we do for the martyred souls

We do the people of Bangladesh many things for showing the respect to the martyrs like, sing songs, bring flowers at the foot of Shaheed Minar. I think all the rubbish activities are good for nothing and go in vain. Those activities naturally we do for showing them respect all about unnecessary I think so. It is better to do pray for the peace of heart for the martyrs souls to the almighty Allah. We should do those activities which will make their departed souls peace and bring them into Jannat.

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