Education is the Backbone of a Nation: Paragraph, Essay

Education is the backbone of a nation, everybody knows that. That’s why I feel all time we should be educated must. I think the sentence is absolutely truth because without education any nation can not hope to any kind of progress in the World.

Education is the Backbone of a Nation: Paragraph, Essay

Education is a good and beautiful light which helps us to go forward in the darkness of ignorance. It is really makes an uncivilized nation as civilized. Education really helps to make our life comfortable and beauty. Education also shows us the most right path to live in the beautiful world. It makes people to be a pious, an honest, sense of responsibility man and diligent it also teaches us courtesy. Above all we cannot imagine of our life without education.

Why we should be educated

I think as a citizen we all need to be educated from any country. Its true that female’s education is also important factor for every nation. Because still now in our nation female education is not sufficient given the number of female who are really needed to be educated. Statistics show that some country have huge number women people and they are not sufficient to education. For that reason the development is not possible.

Because an educated female means an educated family And we know that once a Nepoleon man said that ” Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation. I think he was absolutely right in his promise. That’s why it is essential to educate women in every country.

Illiteracy is a curse for every nation

Illiteracy is a curse because an illiterate man that means an uneducated man cannot do something to progress for himself and his nation. And the progress of a nation cannot be brought by remaining its people illiterate. In that case if you wanna destroy a nation then first of all you have to destroy it’s education I think it is the easy way to destroying.

Education is the Backbone of a Nation: Paragraph, Essay

Now we have to take some useful and necessary steps to remove illiterate, otherwise we couldn’t reach to our real goal. So we have to make more and more open schools, colleges, universities in everywhere. And give so many facilities to them to study in the institutions. And all the parents should have encourage to send their children to school. We should have remind that education is the backbone of a nation.

Now I can tell to see all situations that we should be educated must and I mean it should be compulsory for everyone because it is the backbone of a nation. So, government should have take some extra positive steps to educate people. Then our nation will be developed soon according to education. To get more paragraph, essay keep focusing our page at

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