How to be a good Student

By   January 17, 2017

First of all, we have to know the way how to be a good student then make ourselves as a good student. Student means who are studying regularly in an institution or any institutions. So as a student, a student has so many duties and disciplines.

Duties of students Life

I think student life is the best enjoyable life for all students. But don’t forget the discipline in student life because its so important for the students. Discipline means the obedience to some general rules of conduct. It is essential in student life as its seed time of life. A student should obey his teachers in his school, superiors at home and most his parents. Any institution cannot run successfully if their students are not disciplined. As a result the institution will be destroyed if all students are undisciplined.

Necessary works for a student

How to be a good student

Even if students are not disciplined then teachers cannot give any effective teaching to students. Even the player should obey the rules of any game in the playground when he plays any game and all the players obey the orders of the captain or the referee of the game. So at home, in colleges, in schools and in the playground so much discipline is essential. But its a matter of pity and regret that many students are ill-behaved and the imagine and take it as a symbol of heroism.

But I think a day will come when they will be grown up and the young ones will pay them back in their own coin and that also with a compound interest. So don’t imagine this way is very good to you. However as a student I mean you have to be easy, cool, kind and friendly to any people as though they like and love you and respect you as a student. If you love peoples then obviously people will love you. So Every good character you have to receive in your mind.

How to be a good Student

The way you have to make yourself as a good student you need to know this way, how to be a good student .All the way a student will have be an ideal, honest and pious person then you will be a complete and true student. Then people will do proud of you otherwise uneducated persons tell all the students are idle, bad boy and stupid with not disciplined. So to be a good student you have to do good and positive works for yourself and others. Otherwise if a student are not disciplined then everybody hates him and doesn’t love and likes him as an ideal student. We should realize the discipline of student life and make ourselves as a perfect student. Then our rest of life will be comfortable, joyful with full of happiness.

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