How to Make Good Result in Bangla Subject

By   February 11, 2017

How to Make Good Result in Bangla Subject. Bangla is an important subject for all student of Bangladesh. It is the mandatory subject for all student until HSC examination. In that case we should to contribute good result in Bangla subject. It is our mother language, so that because of its significance is so high for us.

How to Make Good Result in Bangla subject

There are so many ways to make good result in that subject which is very important to make for all Bangladeshi students. But some student of our students don’t care about Bengal subject as it’s significance. They think its our language and we have good knowledge on this subject so we have to be more attentive to other difficult subjects as a result they don’t get good marks in Bangla subject.

Ways of getting good marks

Actually they neglect this subject and I think it is the main cause and problem to not get good and better marks that’s why when they become face in any examination then they doesn’t make good result. So to get good and expected result in any examination we should must better in Bangla subject. We know that recently the all education board have taken new system in distribution of marks and there are two different part of a question.

How to Make Good Result in Bangla Subject

How to Make Good Result in Bangla Subject

First part is writing side and there are 70 marks and you have to complete this part between 2 hours and 10 minutes. And second part is objective side there are 30 marks in objective question from equal 30 objective question and then you will get just 40 minutes to give all answers.

So it is so difficult for students to give full answers. That’s why students should have good skill of writing side also they have to more fast in exam hall. Otherwise they couldn’t give full marks answers in their papers. For that reason they have to practice for fast writing and to complete all question’s answers in fix times.

One thing is important for better marks which is to good hand writing and fair writing. After that they have to give answers into papers by neatly and cleanly.Writing side is more important because you have to get at least 45-50 marks from 60 marks otherwise you couldn’t get A+ marks. Above all to get A+ marks in Bangla subject you need to study original book and obviously you should have good knowledge in all chapter, about all grammatical rules, about composition, about application, about letter writing and about all necessary answers sheet.
When you could give answers properly into papers then of-course you will get your expected marks. Now we should more take care to bangla and to be conscious about this subject and we have to remind that it is our mother tongue that means language.

As a national and mother language we have to respect and learn more to express our love about bangla language. I think every people needs to respect the language as their national and mother language. To get more paragraph like this one stay with our website at

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